SMELT glazes

"Developing glazes is my forte..."

Testing and experimenting with glazes triggers the engineer in me and feeds my eternal hunger for ceramics.

But maybe you don't like spending your limited studio time on glaze testing at all and even get the creeps from percentages and the rule of three.

Especially for you, I have developed the SMELT glazes. They are reliable in their behaviour, go with most clays and rarely disappoint!

The SMELT 'Classic' range are a selection from my own studio glazes. My students chose 4 favourites and they were given these musical names:

Nights in White Satin, Kiss from a Rose, True Blue and Fresh Minty Kisses

Given its great success (and because I got design urges again), four new glazes were subsequently added.
This time I aimed for more colour but without sacrificing vibrancy:

Purple Rain, Gold Dust, Strawberry Fields and Talking to the Moon

Because I know that the success of a glaze stands or falls with its use,
when you buy these glazes, you get a free basic glazing course.
In it, I show you firstly how to prepare a SMELT glaze for dipping,
how to determine its density and how to apply it.
And secondly, how to make a SMELT glaze as a brush-on glaze
and how to apply the layers perfectly.

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