Advanced throwing with José Mariscal

How it all started...

It must have been about five years ago now
that I first saw José Mariscal throwing. 
In just six short minutes, he made 
a massive vase with a tiny little neck.
All the while I stood there with my mouth wide open,
yes for those six full minutes!

Such technique, such speed and such perfection!

Ever since that day, José has become a staple in our studio during
the big ceramics summer event.
He is loved by everybody and he loves everyone in return.
He's charming, funny, helpful and humble and he's always happy to explain everything  over  and over again if needed.

There is just one disadvantage to his incredible talent: he throws way too fast!
Before you even have the chance to grasp what he's doing, the vase is already there!
And the technique he uses is quite different from what we are accustomed to, so everyone is like:
'Could you do that again, but a bit slower...?

That's why I gathered up the courage and asked him to collaborate with me to create an online course.
That way, we could dive deeper than we ever could in a live workshop and slow the process down if needed.

And he said yes!

José was enthusiastic !
Together, we are now developing the various lessons and modules.
We will analyze his movements and fingerplacements, and just like with
my other online courses, we will set up three cameras.
That way, you will have the best view of his actions and yes... if necesarry, we can even slow down the footage.
The vase will be finished less quickly, but at least we'll be able to see what he's doing  😜

Furthermore, in this course, I will personally try out his technique and his fingerplacements
through trial and error, hoping that you can also learn from my mistakes.


'Online learning is great! You are flexible and can learn at your own pace, supported by highly technical videos that you can watch repeatedly. You learn a lot through the alternation of watching, practicing, reviewing. You can better pick up, understand, see and fall back on the many tips later.'

This course is for you

  • If you want to throw with less effort
  • If you want to learn to throw with more than 2 kilo's of clay
  • If you want to learn to throw special shapes, like bellied pots with tall necks
  • If you want to step out of your comfortzone of functional ware
  • If you want to improve your trimming skills 
  • If you want to master José's highly surprising technique
  • If you're already a fan of  José 😉

What do you get ?

  • Step-by-step videos with explanations from a master potter
  • Repetition of centering and opening techniques
  • A strong focus on José's pulling technique
  • After each step, we also examine the cross-section of the form
  • 3 camera angels to ensure you're always in the front row, closely following José's hand movements
  • Subtitles in English and two years of access
  • downloadable worksheets with the various steps

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Who is José?

José works and lives in Catalonië where he was born. As the son of a potter, he had to learn how to throw at a young age (he was only 8!) to help his father in the family-business. 

As he grew older, he went down his own path and now he mostly creates unique pieces of stoneware and porcelain that he finishes with beautiful crystalline glazes. You can find him and his work in multiple galeries and ceramic fairs, mostly accompanied by his lovely wife Maite.

For several years now he's also been a teacher. At first only in Spain, but now he teaches all over the world.

His technique is still the one that he learned from his father, but because he has been teaching it to others, he was able to analyze it more.

Right now he's dividing his time between studying glazes, ceramic fairs and teaching.


'The different camera angles gave me a much better view of the actions and techniques used. At a group demo in a workshop I rarely get such a good view of the position of the hands or tools'


'Your choice to work with three camera angles for the online courses is great! In this way, you as a student can always look at what you are doing from different angles. When you take a physical lesson somewhere, you only have your own point of view, so that a lot of information is lost. You ensure that we always have the most complete information possible.'

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